Monica Berger

In a skiing accident in Lake Tahoe in April of 2013,  I suffered severe bilateral lower leg injuries. After 2 1/2 months in a wheelchair and four surgeries my orthopedic surgeon cleared me for active physical therapy. I asked if I could fly to Maui so I could be close to family to rehabilitate. He agreed as long as I sought immediate physical therapy while there. I arrived on Maui in a wheelchair, unable to walk the distance at the airport and I had a severe limp. I was fortunate enough to find Shantelle Pierce – she was genuinely concerned about my injuries and really listened to me. Essentially, I had to learn to walk all over again. As a fellow athlete, she also knew how important it was for me to return to my baseline as best as possible. There were so many areas that needed therapy. A horribly fractured left ankle with 2 plates and 24 screws and a right knee that had been dislocated with ACL, MCL and a patellar tendon rupture. Shantelle worked with range of motion but was very concerned with the alignment of my body. Without correct alignment, all the therapy in the world wouldn’t help. Prior to leaving the PT facility in Tahoe, I could barely make a revolution on the stationary bike. At the end of the first session with Shantelle, I was able to ride the stationary bike 5 miles! Shantelle continued to work with me during the next month. She was so kind, so encouraging and so skilled. When it was time to return home, I was able to walk the distance at the airport without limping.  I am happy to say that I was able to return to mountain biking and hiking last fall and skied the entire winter of 2013/2014.  I truly appreciated her holistic approach to my unique issues. She treated the whole body and not just each injury. She is an exceptional physical therapist. I cannot say enough great things about her expertise and helping me return to my active life. Big Mahalo Shantelle!


Michiko Smith

I’m currently a collegiate golfer. I’ve been playing golf for about 5 years and at first I thought that golf wasn’t a very physical sport so I put off a lot of pain. At one point it was hard to walk and from there I got help from Shantelle. Not only is she a great person but she helped me understand that my body was in bad shape and that I couldn’t continue to play with my body in that condition. The pain I was feeling was a shooting pain going down my back on both sides of my hips. The start of physical therapy I was uncomfortable but she changed all of my fears. She worked on my body for a whole summer, giving be assignments to do, and things I shouldn’t do. I couldn’t play golf which was heartbreaking but I focused on what she told me and I trusted her to get me in the best shape of my life. At the end, leaving the summer back to school I didn’t know how I was going to play. My body felt great!!  I ended up playing the best golf in my career and becoming the number one golfer in the school. I broke records, won tournaments, and was nominated for player of the year. She pushed me toward greatness.  None of this could have happened without Shantelle. I owe all of my success toward her because without my body I wouldn’t be able to swing a club. We still keep in contact and she works on me whenever we are in the same state. Currently she has me working on stability exercises to get my body to the next level and I can feel a difference. With Shantelle helping me I have no doubt in my mind that I will become a professional golfer in about 3-4 years.


Lisa Burnham

For my first appointment with Shantelle I couldn’t walk without crutches.  I had seen an orthopedic specialist who was unable to address my issues, but merely advised me to “get a wheelchair and on antidepressants” to deal with not walking unassisted. Within two treatments, Shantelle not only had me walking without crutches, but had devised a treatment plan to help me regain an active lifestyle. I now go on walks with my six kids and can keep up with them without constant pain. I had lost all hope, but Shantelle, with her skills and contagious optimism, renewed my hope and gave me my life back.


Dr. Lida Zwi

Whether you are recovering from surgery, rehabbing an injury or just want to improve your Athletic performance, call Shantelle Pierce. Not only will you be expertly guided through a sequence of events to help you reach your goals, but you will be invited to take your musculoskeletal health to a whole new level! If you want to Live your most vibrant life, let Shantelle Pierce help you optimize your function! I have never (ever!) met a more knowledgeable physical therapist.  Her comprehensive approach is unlike any other. She is absolutely a partner in your overall health. I truly believe that because of Shantelle, after my own shoulder surgery I am 100% recovered and back to full action. I will continue to recommend Shantelle to my family, My Ohana, and all of my patients.